Charlotte is born in Providence in 1820 to John and Deborah Field.

Her father is a bank cashier.

Her mother keeps house.

She is the eldest of 7.

She has 3 brothers and 3 sisters.

Charlotte meets a lumber merchant named Albert Dailey.

On Valentine’s Day in 1842, they marry.

He calls her Lottie.

Lottie becomes the mother of four.

Her daughters are Charlotte and Julia.

Her sons are Albert and Walter.

Civil war divides the country.

Gov. Sprague commissions Lottie to visit the ill and wounded soldiers of RI.

Her 1st job is to bring them cheer and news from home.

Her 2nd job is collect information on their location and condition.

Her final job is to create a registry,

so that the state will have a accurate record of its casualties.

The only other state to undertake this task is Pennsylvania.

Lottie leaves her husband and children

To complete her civil duty.

She writes home often.

Her letters are a record.

They record her love for her family.

They document the life of a woman traveling during the war.

Her registry is also a record.

Her hard work and sacrifice

gave the soldiers and families of Rhode Island peace and comfort

during a dark time.

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September 3 – Lottie’s Letters