Sarah is born in Norwich, Connecticut in 1812 to farmer parents.

She is the 2nd eldest of 12 siblings.

At age 20, Sarah decides that she wants to be a teacher.

She requests admission to Canterbury Female Boarding School.

The headmistress, Prudence Crandall, grants her request.

Many parents withdraw their children after Sarah’s admission.

The school closes as a result of the controversy.

The school reopens as a school for African Americans the following year.

Sarah returned.

She suffers harassment.

She is treated like a pariah.

The school is attacked by a mob in 1834.

Prudence Crandall decides

for her student’s safety,

to close the school for good.

Sarah meets a blacksmith named George Fayerweather.

They fall in love.

They marry.

Sarah and George move to Kingston, Rhode Island in 1855.

As the years pass, they have 8 children.

They become activists and abolitionists.

Sarah’s tombstone states.

“Her’s was a living example of obedience to faith,

devotion to her children and a loving,

tender interest in all.”

Sarah Harris

Click below to hear a recording of Sarah’s biography.

I’ve spent a lot of time researching Sarah over the past year, at the Washington County Historical Society, URI Special Collections, online, and on the backroads of South County. Fortunately, I have loads of new information and images to share.

Check below for research updates.


September 2, 2019 – The Fayerweather House

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