Daughter, Weaver, Caretaker, Entrepreneur, Landowner

Elleanor is born in Warwick in 1789.

Her parents are named Robin and Hannah.

Elleanor works hard.

Her father dies when she is 19.

She travels on foot all the way to Adams, MA to settle his estate.

It took her five days.

While Elleanor is in Adams, her sister falls ill.

Elleanor nurses her back to health.

She meets a sailor named Christopher.

They fall in love.

Christopher leaves on a voyage,

vowing to return.

He is lost at sea.

In 1812, Elleanor moves in with her sister, Lettise.

They start a business,

making soap, washing laundry, weaving, spinning and nursing.

Their hard work is rewarded.

Elleanor saves enough to buy land and build a house.

She rents it out to supplement their income.

She begins working for Providence elite,

Weaving, spinning, painting, and papering.

In winter, she works in a hotel or private home.

In 1831, Elleanor falls ill with typhus.

She returns to Adams with her brother.

While she is away, rumors circulate that she has died.

Her land is seized by a neighbor to whom she owes on the mortgage.

Upon her return, Elleanor sues to take her land back.

She wins her case.