Daughter, Rower, Lifesaver, Lighthouse Keeper, Honoree

Ida is born in Newport in 1842.

Her parents are named Hosea and Zoradia.

Her father is a lighthouse keeper on Lime Rock.

Her mother keeps the home.

Ida lives on an island reachable only by boat.

She is the eldest of four children.

Ida is an expert swimmer and rower.

She rows her siblings to school every day.

She uses her rowing skills to rescue people from the sea.

Ida saves her first life at 12 years old.

She is considered the best swimmer in Newport.

In 1857, Ida’s father becomes disabled.

Her mother takes over the keeping duties.

Ida learns how to tend to the light.

She also helps care for her father.

Her most famous rescue occurs in 1869.

She rescued two soldiers from a capsized boat.

Ida becomes a hero.

Across the nation, people praise her name and deeds.

In 1878, tragedy strikes the family again.

Ida’s mother dies.

She takes over her mother’s duties

and is officially appointed Lighthouse Keeper

through the advocacy of General Burnside, who is now a Senator.

Ida is the highest paid keeper in the nation.

She makes her last rescue at age 64.

She keeps the lighthouse until her death.

The island is named in her honor.

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